The Fish and Dragon Festival

The Fish and Dragon Festival was conceptualised and executed five years ago to strengthen the ties between the Chinese and Barbadian communities. This festival is staged in January to commemorate the Chinese New Year. We at the Ooutraje Festival Band, chose this festival as our major theme this year as we believe that it should be highlighted as one of the most important aspects on the Barbadian calendar. To quote Corporate Communications Specialist of the Central Bank of the Barbados, Miss Novaline Brewster, The Fish and Dragon Festival is a fusion of cultures, peoples, ideas, hopes, dreams and relationships as its name symbolizes. The fish, is a symbol of Barbados and the dragon, the symbol of China. Allow us to present our production for Crop Over 2019.

The Parrot Fish

A vibrantly coloured fish, the parrot fish is found on the shallow tropical and subtropical reefs of Barbados. A visit to Barbados’ ocean floor via deep sea diving or submarine can guarantee a sighting of this beautiful fish. Costumes in this section reflect the beauty of the parrot fish. The vibrant green colour is one of the many species of parrot fish found on the island. Look closely on the wings and pictured there are specimens of the parrot fish. Ladies and gentlemen, the parrot fish.


The Angel Fish

Another beautiful fish found in Barbadian waters is the Angel. With predominant colours of green and purple, this scintillating beauty can be found traversing the corals reefs found here in Barbados. This costume depicts the bold and vivacious colours of these lovely creatures which swim from reef to reef in search of food. Sadly, these fish also become food for other large fish as well.


Amethi Dragons

Chinese dragons, also known as East Asian dragons, are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology are Chinese folklore. This costume portrays the legendary dragon Amethi, whose name derives from its purple colour. Amethi is the dragon associated with royalty once again because of the purple colour. This section showcases the attractiveness of Amethi, with its purple, orange and iridescent colours.


Crimson Dragons

Crimson Dragons are elite members of the Chinese Army who appear in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation in 2277. Crimson Dragoons are China’s special operations force and played a major role in defending Chinese territory in the Battle of Anchorage. The wings of this costume showcase images of Crimson Dragons. The colours are symbolic of the dragon and its association with strength and power.


The Firebird Dragon

Viewed by the Chinese as a symbol of prosperity, the Firebird Dragon is also seen as a symbol of rebirth and is believed to be immortal. This is perhaps the most popular and attractive dragon in Chinese mythology. Its feathers which are quite impressive when in flight, are a rich red in colour almost like the colour of a flame of a raging fire. It is from this that the dragon gets its name, Firebird. The costume which is red and gold is a true representation of the Firebird with its red wings and gold accessories. The gold also represents the prosperity of which the Firebird is symbolic for the Chinese.