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De Paling
(Cranston Browne)

Cranston Browne is undoubtedly one of the best Band Leaders to have graced the Kadooment stage. Today, Cranston serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation. We know that the NCF is definitely benefitting from his expertise.


However, this year we are looking at another aspect of Cranston. Not only are we highlighting him as a Band Leader but also as a cultural practitioner and entrepreneur. In the 80s and 90s, Cranston’s Band House known as De Paling was a hub for band fetes and limes. Before all of the popular band fetes and limes of today, there was De Paling with its fetes and limes. Out of de paling came the legendary Grass Skirt Posse. A group of young men who donned Grass Skirts and performed with our very own Krosfyah. Costumes in this section are bright and vivid in colour to represent the ambiance which pervaded De Paling. Also featured are pieces of straw which was used in the making of the grass skirts to acknowledge the contribution of the Grass Skirt Posse and Cranston Browne to the cultural landscape of Barbados.


Female: BDS$500.00

Frontline: BDS$850.00

Male: BDS$475.00