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The Dragonfly
(Renee Sheppard-Ratcliffe)

Last year as we made our way down to Spring Garden, we received the most terrible news. We had lost one of our very own, Renee Sheppard-Ratcliffe. Renee loved mas with everything that was in her.


She created vibrant and colourful costumes which matched her personality. Each year, Renee would ensure that she produced bands for Kiddies and Grand Kadooment. Renee was never one to be consumed by competition, in fact in one of our last conversations with her she wished us all the best and requested that we take a photo with her to add to the myriad of photos she took, as photography was also in her blood.   The colours used in this costume are synonymous with those of the Dragon Fly. Renee adored dragonflies and so we pay tribute to her by using the insect she loved most as a symbol of her and her love for mas.  Continue to sleep in peace Renee, your contribution to the festival will be missed.


Female: BDS$500.00

Frontline: BDS$850.00

Male: BDS$475.00